Wagner Power Painter Plus Review

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Wagner is one of the popular brands when it comes to a paint sprayer because of the quality and durability of its products. Its products are primarily designed so not only professionals can use them.

One of Wagner’s products is the ever-reliable 05250277 Power Painter Plus. Save time by covering vast areas with the quickest time.

This machine is able to get things done quickly compared to brushed and rollers. It is able to apply 6.6 gallons in an hour, which can already cover 650 sq. Ft. of a surface. In covering the same area using a roller or brush, it would take you approximately 3 hours.

Key Features

  • Measurement - 11 x 11.5 x 6.5
  • Weight – 6 lbs
  • Features 1.3mm tip
  • Designed with a 1-quart cup twist lock cup

Our Rating


  • Built with EZ Tilt technology which allows you to tilt the machine horizontally in different angles that you need.
  • Has Dual Tip Technology which prevents overspray and enables each user to reach inaccessible corners.
  • Versatile and can work with thick materials.
  • Can carry 6.6 gallons of paint (this can accommodate approximately 600 square feet of coverage per hour).
  • 1-quart twist and lock system for secure reservoir attachment and removal..


  • Comes with a short power cord which can be a setback for other users.


Wagner 0525027 Power Painter Plus

Equipped with Optimus Dual Tip Technology

Regarding versatility, you might have heard of adjustable nozzles for changing patterns of some paint sprayers. The Wagner Painter Plus takes this to a higher level. This machine is built with an Optimus Dual Tip Technology, its most unique feature.

What does this technology do? This technology makes it possible for you to reach inaccessible areas when spraying. This includes corners, bulges, and inward building structures.

Typically, a brush or a roller will not be able to do this job.

Moreover, this feature in result promotes an even coverage and finishing of the surface. The dual tip allows vertical and horizontal spraying, allowing you to finish the job more quickly.

Also, because of this feature, you can avoid overspray and wastage of paint.


The Optimus Dual Tip Technology makes painting easy and accessible to non-professionals or do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts. 

EZ Tilt Spraying Tube

Another feature of this machine is the EZ Tilt Spraying Tube. This technology enables any user to spray at any angle, even in a vertical position.

Because of this, it is easier to cover posts, ceilings and other overhead structures that might be a problem when using only rollers and brushes.

When painting, the tube is able to draw out paint from the bottom of the container even while in a vertical position. 

How to use this? You will see a directional nozzle that is located in the reservoir. When you tilt the unit, the paint and the EZ Tilt suction tube drop to the bottom of the supply bucket.

Versatility with the material used

When using thick and viscous materials such as latex paint, there is no need for paint thinning. This machine is so versatile that it is able to function with a wide range of paint.

Apart from it saves you time for not having to thin your paint, it is also less dangerous to your health. Paint thinners can cause various health adverse effects like liver damage and some respiratory problems. 

Portable and lightweight

Another good point in the Wagner Power Painter Plus is its lightweight. When the container is full, it only weighs around 6 pounds or less.

To prevent the machine from swaying, you can support the paint cup with your free hand. This will let you control the direction and free the trigger hand from having to do all the support.

Because it is lightweight, you can bring this machine in and out of your home to do a wider variety of work. 

Friendly to Beginners 

This sprayer is easy to assemble and disassemble when needed. In the package is a comprehensive user manual which gives you a complete direction on how to set the machine up. It also gives you guidelines on how you can optimize it and maximize its use.


One of the concerns in having a paint sprayer is the ease of maintenance. Good thing, cleaning this sprayer will not be a problem. Just follow the instructions from the manual:

  • First, unplug the sprayer. Remove the remote suction set from the material container/backpack assembly and submerge into a container of the solvent.
  • Then, plug in the sprayer. Squeeze the trigger and spray into a waste container until the cleaning solution comes through the sprayer for a couple of minutes. This will help you release all the clogged materials and clean out the tube.
  • Lastly, unplug the sprayer. Remove the remote suction set housing from the sprayer. Remove smaller return hose from the suction set housing.
  • Note that every movable part of this machine can be unscrewed easily, without the help of any additional tools. To clean them thoroughly, it is strongly recommended for you extract all the moving parts and rinse them separately with clean water. 
  • Disassemble the remote suction set housing. Clean all parts by hand using the cleaning brush and the appropriate cleaning solution. After doing this, you can now reassemble the component.

    Note that if you used the backpack kit, see to it that you also clean the suction tube and the inside of the backpack by hand using the appropriate cleaning solution.
  • For latex materials, next in the cleaning procedure is to thread the cleaner nozzle onto a garden hose.
  • Also if you used latex materials, insert the nozzle into one of the remote suction hoses. Place the other end of the tube into a waste container. Turn on the water and flush the tube until clean. Repeat for the other hose.

    For example, if you used a denser material such as latex paint, water and soap may not be enough to clean up the machine. You might be required to add a bit of washing detergent in the solution to have the work done.
  • Lastly in the cleaning procedure is to reattach the smaller return hose to the dual hose fitting.

It is also worthy to note that the solution to use in cleaning the machine varies according to the type of material you used. If you used thick materials such as latex paint, water and soap might not be enough.

To do this more thoroughly you may need to add on detergent on the solution. 

Who Can Use This Product?

As mentioned earlier, this machine is designed for all types of users. It is straightforward to use, and most people get a hold of it quickly. It is easy and portable, and not intimidating to users who might have no experience working with a sprayer before.

Some must-know techniques are described in the user manual. Make sure you read and understand that part before taking on the job.

Disadvantages of the Wagner Power Painter Plus

Even with this machine, there are some points to improve that can be improved.

Control on paint flow

First thing on the list is the control over the paint flow. The Wagner painter uses a piston under the influence of a high-pressure system. If not handled properly, this may lead to overspray and wastage of paint.


This sprayer may also be noisy when doing work. It produces loud noise which can disturb the neighborhood and people at home.

Short power cord

Almost the most common comment on the Wagner sprayers is that they come with a short power cord. For instance, you will notice that the cord of Wagner Power Painter Plus is only around 12 inches.

For some users, this may not be an issue, but for some, this may be much of a hassle. When covering a vast area, you have to make sure there are always available outlets. Otherwise, you have to make use of an extension wire all the time.

Level of paint is not visible.

When painting, it is also impossible to see the level of paint because the container has a cover on it. This inconveniences the user as you will have to check if there is a need to fill out the tank every now and then to avoid interruption at work. 

Why Choose the Wagner 05250277 Power Painter Plus

Get a hold of the Power Painter Plus to ease up any painting job at home. With this machine, you will no longer have the pay bucks of money to hire professional painters.

To even make it more friendly to each type of user, this machine is designed, among others, with Optimus Dual Tip Technology and EZ Tilt technology which allows you to personalize each setting according to your needs.

This machine is designed for easy use, making it friendly to beginners of users who have zero experience in getting a similar job done.