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Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer Review

Efficiency and versatility are two of the main concerns of users when it comes to paint sprayers.

It is essential that you are able to finish your project within a reasonable timeframe. It is also a plus point if your machine is capable of adjusting to your changing needs.

These are just a few of the features Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer is known at.

A consumer-grade sprayer, this paint sprayer is the balance between power and innovation. It is considered 50% more powerful compared to other sprayers in its category.

Moreover, it uses various developments to make the machine more effective.

These improvements are designed not only to make your work more comfortable and more effective but also to incorporate efficiency.

For starters, this product is designed with a rotating cap which can easily be adjusted regarding patterns (chose between horizontal or vertical), arc width (make it narrow or wide).

This means you can maximize use and efficiency to accomplish any type of work in this machine.

It uses the X-Boost turbine technology which is activated on the first pull of the trigger. When you pull further, that is the material sprays out.

Key Features

  • iSpray Nozzle Technology
  • Great for detailed finishes
  • Adjustable for horizontal and vertical spray
  • Ideal for small projects

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X-Boost Power Dial

Original and patented by Wagner, this technology allows the adjustment of the air pressure produced by the motor. In fact, it also means that your sprayer is three times more powerful as compared to the traditional ones.

What is the benefit of being able to adjust the air pressure?

Spraying at a higher air pressure result in faster coverage and smoother finish. On the other hand, if you spray at lower air pressure, the tendency is for the paint to drip.

This is because lower air pressure releases a more significant drop off materials. In effect, the finish created is rougher.

Note that the thicker the paint is, the more turbine power is required.

Two-step Trigger

As earlier mentioned and in connection to the X-Boost power dial feature, this machine also has a two-step trigger.

The first step, which you will activate after pulling to a particular point, is triggering the X-Boost turbine.

The second stage, when you pull even further, is enabling the material injection. This is the point where the sprayer releases the pain.


This paint sprayer is able to contain eight gallons per hour. Partnered with the X-Boost Power Dial, will give you the efficiency any user can ever dream of.

With its capacity and capability, you can finish any work at a shorter period of time. 

Adjustable Nozzle

Called the iSpray nozzle, this machine has two different vents which you can quickly adjust to adapt to your varying needs.

FLEXiO 590 Sprayer

By simply rotating this machine's outlet, you can change the pattern and width of the arc, effectively turning the spray of the paint.

Use a narrow pattern if you are coating small areas, corners, or edges to control the coverage of the spray.

Meanwhile, use broader patterns on large surfaces.

Use the pattern adjustment rings to paint faster and change to quickly adapt to using latex paints, sealers, stains, and even oil-based materials.

Especially if you change the default settings, do not forget to test it before spraying. Do not trigger the gun while you are on the process of making adjustments. 

Advances Detail Finish Nozzle Technology

As mentioned earlier, this machine comes with two different nozzles. When using a traditional paint sprayer, you can regulate the finishing touch by rotating the nozzle.

This does not guarantee that you will get the type of finishing you desire.

To confidently create a more elegant finish, Wagner added another nozzle for you to use. This feature is particularly ideal for covering details and small projects such as figurines, chairs, edges of furniture, or paintings.

Note though that this nozzle is not very much ideal when you are using thick materials. It is best used with oil-based paints and stains.

Moreover, this machine is designed with a trademark feature of Wagner Lock-n-Go split gun design.

This one provides for quick nozzle change which will allow you to switch coatings easily. You can also quickly change paint colors because of this.

Material Flow

This machine is designed with a knob on the cap which allows you to control the flow of materials. By this, it means you can control the amount of paint you want to release.

This is mainly helpful especially if you are covering small, intricate areas like figures, edges, or corners.

Apart from precisely covering small areas, effectively, you are also able to reduce overspray with this feature. 

FLEXiO 590 Sprayer

How does it work? Just tighten the knob to shut the inner valve.

By doing this, you will reduce the flow of the paint. These are instances you do not want to use a lot of materials and result to overspray.

Moreover, the knob has a spring which keeps it from falling off.

Cleaning and Maintenance

After use, remove all excess paint back to the paint can.

Maintenance is pretty much straightforward and straightforward for this paint sprayer. As to the basics, all you have to do is to rinse the machine with water and then put it in the dry place.

Let the machine and tools dry and pull the trigger a couple of times to check possible clogging.

The kind of cleaning depends on the type of material use.

For instance, if you used latex and primer paint, then you have to make use of warm, soapy water to clean the machine thoroughly. Use mineral spirits for oil-based products.

Remember to do this while the machine is unplugged. Also, keep in mind not to get the electronic parts wet or it may result in short circuits.

Who Can Use The Wagner Flexio 590?

FLEXiO 590 Sprayer

Although this paint sprayer is capable of creating a professional paint job, you should not be intimidated if you are a newbie.

This unit is designed, so it becomes suitable both for beginners, do-it-yourself enthusiasts, as well as professionals. As a newbie, you can quickly paint a big wall without getting tired. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accessories I will receive when buying this machine?
Commonly, the sprayer comes with the sprayer body, cup, a couple of nozzles, lubricator, and a user manual.

What is the difference between the Wagner Flexio 590 and Flexio 570?

Basically, the 570 has two-speed settings while the 590 is designed with an adjustable dial.

Can I use thick materials while using this machine?

Yes. The X-Boost turbine is designed to withstand thick materials. One of which is latex paint. However, when using the more exceptional detail finish nozzle, use of this materials is not advisable.

Does it release unnecessary noise?

The machine does not produce more noise than any other handheld paint sprayer. If you can tolerate other sprayers, you will not have an issue with it.

Is this sprayer capable of covering more significant projects? 

Yes, it does. As mentioned above, this machine can hold eight gallons per hour. Thus, it is suitable for big projects in a sense that it gets the job done is a short span of time.

Is it demanding when it comes to maintenance?

No, this machine is easy to use. Its maintenance is just the same basic maintenance for other paint sprayers in the market.

What is the downside?

As all products both have advantages and disadvantages, so is the Flexio 590. Some users have reported that they have experienced difficulty in unscrewing the container.

In the beginning, some users have experience with overspray. This, too, has to be tested before starting in any project.

Also, the machine is a little bulkier as compared to other sprayers within its range.

The device has an unconventional design. Hence, most of its weight is concentrated on the rear part, making it more substantial.

To sum up, the pros and cons of the Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer are as follows:


  • Designed with the X-Boost technology which makes it up to three times faster than the conventional paint sprayers.
  • A versatile nozzle which allows a more comfortable use.
  • Adjustable dial for controlling air pressure.
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    Can spray dense materials.
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    Great features with the balance of efficiency for its affordable price.


  • Some users have reported that sometimes that cup can be hard to take off.
  • Can release the material amount of paint at first use.
  • It comes with a short power cord. 
  • May require you to have an extension cord eventually.

Wrap Up

Overall, the Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer is the product if you are after efficiency and versatility. True enough it may not be as light as other sprayers.

This downside is because the machine has an unconventional design and additional features which make it more effective. 

By using this machine, you are more potent because of the X-Boost technology.

Made versatile, it adjusts to your needs as its nozzle, patterns, and material flow are all adjustable.

By using this product, you are able to finish your projects. No matter how small or big they, they can be done in the quickest way possible. This is one of the best paint sprayers. You are also in control of the outcome because it is designed to give you that power. 

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