How To Stain a Fence

In a neighborhood, you will probably see that almost every home has their own fences. Some of these fences can be a wooden fence or a chain-link fence.

Most homeowners prefer wooden fences more than chain-link fences because chain-link fences are prone to rust.

Another advantage for wooden fences is that details such as fence color can be easily recognized. Well, many people believe that a good fence makes good neighbors.

A fence is a symbol of privacy for every home, as it let others know your property line. But as time passes for a long time, we also need to maintain our fences.

guy spray painting on fence

A chain-link fence can rust, other chains might be broken or bent also. A wooden fence might lose some screw or nail, and its color may fade. 

And to keep the scenery of your home in good shape, one of the best solutions to maintain your fences is to stain them.

Thanks to our modern technology there are paints now that can help your fence to last longer.

Some paints can keep your chain-link fence away from stains, while there are also paints that can hold its initial color despite having different weathers.

Believe it or not, the best way to extend the life of your fence is to stain it.

For staining your fence, you can use different tools.

The most popular tools are a paintbrush, paint roller, and paint sprayer. However, staining the fences might take away your chance to rest during your day off.

That is why we are going to guide you on how to stain a wall with a paint sprayer.

A paint sprayer can be used to dye your fences quicker, that means you can save more time for you to rest in your favorite couch for the rest of the day.

Just follow the following guide as we teach you how to stain your fence using a paint sprayer.

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When to use and when not to use a paint sprayer

If you are going to stain a vast area that is the best time to use a paint sprayer. It can be used staining the wall and ceiling of your room.

When renovating your house, you can also use a paint sprayer to repaint your garage and fences.

A paint sprayer is a beneficial tool in staining a lot of things, even if there are any hard to reach spots it is straightforward to paint using a sprayer as the coverage of this tool can still contact it.

Using a paint sprayer, you will need a large area for your workplace.

A sprayer is not suitable for small scale staining job, and it also consumes more paint than usual compared to a paintbrush and a paint roller.

Another thing to consider is that when you hate cleaning, a paint sprayer is not for you. Cleaning this tool will take a lot of time.

Steps on How to stain a fence with paint Sprayer

1. Preparation

First and foremost, we can't begin without preparing. Make sure that the whole workspace is cleared out.

Before applying stain to your fence, cover the surrounding areas like the windows and the flooring with a clean cloth or newspapers to avoid staining unwanted areas. 

Remove every outdoor furniture to prevent obstruction while working. If there are any plants or vegetation near your fences, try getting another set of cloth to put them away from being colorized.

man painting white fence

Be sure also to select the right stain because not all stains are the same. Some are built for a paint sprayer, while some are made for rollers and brushes.

Do not forget to read the instructions of the paint and the sprayer to maximize using them. You see that preparation is an essential thing to do before starting any task not just in a staining job.

Prepare also your protective gears. It is essential to keep yourself safe from any possible danger; it doesn't matter if it was just a staining job inside your home.

Considering that the fences are outside your house, the ventilation will not be a problem anymore. For you to avoid sniffing the odor and fume of the stain, you should wear a protective mask.

And to keep you away from getting yourself into a mess after the painting job, do not forget to wear gloves and specialize clothing.

Wearing these safety gears will prevent you from getting dirty and even from getting injured. Always remember that without proper care, the danger will not be avoided.

The most important thing to remember when you are going to use a paint sprayer is that you need to avoid making direct skin contact with the tip or nozzle.

Some sprayers are strong enough to inject the paint to your skin because it works under high pressure.

The paint is dangerous once injected to you when this accident happens to stay calm and quickly seek a doctor and ask for medical treatment.

2. Fence checking and cleaning

Check your fence for any possible repairs needed first to secure smooth application of the stain. There might be some screws or nails that are loose, be sure to take action immediately for this kind of issues to avoid slowing down the process.

Next will be cleaning the fence; this is important because the smoother the surface, the more comfortable to stain it. Is some paint is flaking, try to scrape it.

And then use any fence cleaner to remove the dirt from your fence. After using a fence cleaner, make sure to follow the instructions carefully and let the fence dry before applying the stain.

2. Primer coating

We are now halfway done, and before we proceed, we need to apply a primer coating first. Add a primer coating layer by using any clean paint brush.

After applying the primer, you can go ahead and prepare your sprayer first to save time while waiting for the primer coating to dry.

3. Applying stain

After setting your fence ready for staining, prepare now your paint sprayer. Pour in far into the sprayer your choice of stain.

After pouring the right amount of stain in the sprayer, make sure to keep the lid is secured. Now that we are ready to go, grab the sprayer and start staining your fence.

Press the trigger of the paint sprayer to spray the stain out of the nozzle. Aim the nozzle on the area you wanted to paint first.

Keep your aim at around 6 to 10 inches away from the fence as it will also affect your stroke. For a horizontal panel, you should get a stroke up and down, while for a vertical panel you should stroke back and forth.

colorful garden fence

Don't try using the paint sprayer to make arcs, as this stroke can guide the stain into areas you don't want to paint.

After staining everything, take time also to check for any areas with too much stain.

This may look like a puddling area of the stain. For that case, a paintbrush will come handy for you, and you can use it to correct these areas.

4. Drying the stain

All you need to do right now before you enjoy the new scenery around your home is to let the stain rest and dry. This will take around 18 to 24 hours depending on the stain used, the temperature and weather can also affect the drying period.

You can also check the can of the stain you used for the instructions on how long it will dry up.

When everything is done, you can also take a moment to look if the stain applied was too thin.

That is the time that you can decide if you are going to need a second stain coating or not. Congratulations, you are now free to enjoy your day off with your newly stained fence.


Not only that your home looked more beautiful, but you also learned a new quicker way to do the job. Well, you can also share this throughout your neighborhood and make good neighbors.

Sounds good? That’s only one of the good things brought to you by staining your fence with a paint sprayer.

After all, the much-awaited rest for yourself is now at the grasp of your hands.

You can sit back and enjoy watching movies during your day off instead of spending the whole time painting your fences. It is a lot quicker than you probably thought. It is not so difficult, right?

Now that you know how to stain a fence using a paint sprayer, also keep in mind that there is also maintenance for your wall to keep it in the best possible condition.

You can try to clean it once every three months, like scraping dirt or fixing loose screws. Remember that maintaining your fence can do a lot for your precious home.

For example, when you are going to decide on putting the house in the market.

Attracting a potential buyer will be easy because it made your house more appealing, thanks to your well-maintained fences. Enjoy your newly stained fences, have a good day.