The Best Painters Tape Review 

Do you know that even the smallest details and tools matter when you are painting? Apart from making sure you use the best, or at least a reliable paint sprayers, you also make sure your devices are complete.

One of the tiny tools we often miss to take into consideration would be the tapes to be used in preparation for painting.

If you are someone who has done multiple painting projects, you have already known by now that not all recordings are made the same. Remember,  preparation is the first step to achieving great results.

When choosing the product to be used for painting preparations, make sure you pick out the right one. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Painter Tapes

There are many, not to mention different, type of tapes in the market. As said, preparation is always the first step to good outcomes. But how can you prepare if you are not familiar with what to look for?

Continue reading along for you to be guided as to how to choose your partner product.

What are you actually painting? 

There are different products catered for different surfaces (wallpaper, drywall, metals, and woodwork). Knowing the cover allows you to make sure your product will stick effectively. 

Where are you painting? 

Also, this may be part of the house or outside the home. Why does this matter? It is because generally, outdoor tapes are very difficult to remove. These are specifically designed to withstand changing weather and temperature. The same way, indoor tapes may also not do well if used outdoors.

Do not be too thrifty. 

Do not compromise quality for cost. Sure, we are after the most cost-beneficial products, but if it does not do the work properly, there is no sense. 

Be mindful of the heat of the sun. 

This qualification is most important if your work involves painting outdoors such as doors, gates, or fences. In cases like this, it is probably best to get a product that is UV resistant.

Those tapes which are not immune to ultraviolet rays coming from the sun might actually “bake” onto surfaces. Baking makes them very difficult (or nearly impossible) to remove.

Top Rated Painters Tapes

Now that you know what to consider in choosing your partner in doing the prep work, which product should help you pick?

With the numerous options being sold, which one appears to be the best option? Continue reading on to learn about the best kinds and brands of products that are made available for you.

1. Ambro Professional Painter’s Tape

Ambro Professional Painters Tape Multi Surface Use (Blue) (CASE: 24 pack, 1.5 inches x 60 yds)

This blue and individually wrapped adhesive can be bought in various sizes – 1 inch, 1.41 inches, and 1.88 inches.

This adhesive comes with a 14-day time interval which means you can leave it behind and then peel it off quickly. It also does not leave any residue.

It is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light and sunlight that is why this product is massively popular for outdoor projects. And yes, those 14 days of leaving a surface taped can be outside and exposed to the sun.

Due to its longtime interval and resistance to UV light and sunlight, this adhesive is the perfect prep for a couple of projects. This includes repainting the playground equipment, fences, house siding, plants pots, or just anything outdoors.

As a bonus, the Ambro Professional Painter’s Tape does not peel or crack. This plus feature makes it susceptible to any type of weather. This is very important if you are using it as a prep for an outdoor project and it is exposed to constantly changing the climate. 

A lot of customers like the fact that this adhesive creates a water and airtight seal. 


  • Can be left outdoors for 14 days.
  • UV and sunlight resistant.
  • Water and airtight.
  • Saves any user from unwanted residue as it peels off easily after use.


  • Breaks in pieces easily

Our Rating

2. FrogTape® Multi-Surface Painting Tape

FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter's Tape, Green, 1.41 Inches x 60 Yards, 4 Roll Pack (240660)

Next in line of top adhesives for painting is the multi-surface painting tape manufactured and distributed by FrogTape.

This product can be used on some different surfaces. You can use it for carpet, cured painted walls, glass, metal, stone, and even on unfinished wood.

Its clean interior release reached up to 21 days (or 7 days if the paint is in contact with direct sunlight). It can be bought in multiple different sizes – 0.94 inches, 1.41 inch, and .94 inch width.

This painting tape is a premium and medium adhesion painter’s masking adhesive. It is designed to help each user achieve this crisp and clean paint lines.

Moreover, it saves you time and money by eliminating the need for touch-ups.

FrogTape® is indeed the sharp line solution not only for basic masking applications. It is even more reliable on advanced wall designs like stripes or geometric patterns.

One unique feature about FrogTape® painter’s adhesives is that they are the only tapes treated with PaintBlock® Technology.

This feature is a super-absorbent polymer which is a useful complement to latest and paint. Furthermore, it instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the adhesive, preventing paint bleed. 

Each roll FrogTape® is packaged in a reusable plastic canister that is designed to protect the tape’s treated edges from damage. With this, it is guaranteed to provide better and more consistent results. 


  • Can be left outdoors for 21 days.
  • Equipped with PaintBlock® Technology which keeps paint out and lines sharp and clean.
  • Usage is not limited to a few surfaces.
  • Generally easy to apply and remove.
  • Not ideal for indoor and minor taping.

3. Scotch Blue Painter Tape

Scotch Blue Painter's Tape 2 Roll Value Pack 1.88" x 60 YD

This product is something that will catch your attention at first glance because of its affordability. However, most then its fair cost, you cannot discount the quality it provides. 

Available in many different sizes (ranging from .70 inches to 3 inches in width and ranging from 30 linear yards to 66 linear yards in length), this brand knows how to any to your many different needs.

It is packaged in 1 roll to 6 rolls per pack. 

This adhesive can be used on a variety of surfaces. To name, it is useful on woodwork, glass, metal surfaces, painted walls and trim, and curved surfaces.

Regarding removal time, this product has 14 days clean removal.

This product does not leave residue when you remove it after use. You can expect to have a neat and clean output each time you use this.

Not to mention it delivers some sharp paint lines, making it a perfect tool for intricate wall designs.

Another useful feature this adhesive has is that it is relatively resistant to UV rays. Hence it can be used on outdoor projects without worrying about baking.  

A roll of the Scotch painters tape is able to last for a long time. Also if you need more, you do not have to worry because it is widely available, plus it really is affordable. 

A lot of users have found out that apart from its excellent performance on the glass, plaster ceilings, and other surfaces, it also works just as well as an automotive adhesive.


  • This product is durable and gives out consistent service across all applications.
  • UV and sunlight resistant.
  • Flexible and can be taken off of wet surfaces without peeling off a portion of the painted area.


  • Tape can sometimes come off the surface.

Our Rating

4. ProTapes Pro Scenic 714 Blue Mask

ProTapes Pro Scenic 714 Crepe Paper 14 Day Easy Release Painters Masking Tape, 60 yds Length x 3" Width, Blue (Pack of 1)

Useful for painting, drafting, photo edging and cropping, as well as temporary holding, the ProTapes Pro Scenic 714 Blue Mask is one of the excellent products offered by ProTapes.

This brand manufactures and distributes a wide range of tapes from cloth, vinyl, adhesive, to duct, foam, electrical, and of course, masking. 

One plus feature of the ProTapes Pro Scenic 714 Blue Mask is its resilience to sunlight and UV light, as well as to the constantly-changing weather conditions.

Because of this, this tape is also proven to be useful for masking interior windows. Moreover, this tape is resistant to humidity and paint bleed-through.

Use this tape on some surfaces such as unfinished wood, wallpaper, new, unpainted, or freshly painted wallboard. It is also proven to be compatible with use on lacquer or polyurethane - coated surfaces.

Apart from using it as a regular product, a lot of users have also commended this tape as it sticks well on both carpet and bricks of all types.

This feature makes it great for taping play areas in children’s rooms. Furthermore, some users use this as a protection against brick surfaces on the exterior of their homes and buildings.

One of the benefits of using this product is the smooth backing for superior paint lines and reduced fingertip abrasion. It also provides consistent/easy unwind. 

Its clean up removal takes up to 14 days. After which, you do not have to worry about residues as it is clean and comfortable to remove.


  • Provides excellent conformability.
  • Resistant to direct sunlight and UV exposure as well as to changing humidity.
  • Provides secure adhesion.
  • Clean up is easy and takes up to 14 days.


  • The products, being colorful, can be too garish if the color is not tested.

Our Rating

5. GripBlue Multi-Use Blue Painter’s Tape

GripBlue ™ 2" (1.88”/48mm) X 60 YDs Multi-Use Blue Painters Tape | Premium Crepe Paper Masking Tape for Multi-Surfaces | Clean and Easy Removal | 3 Pack

From its name, this product from GripBlue is ideal for painting, home, and office use, and on a variety of common household surfaces.

This product is beneficial for every kind of art, trimming, edging, masking, and even for simple protective applications. It comes in 2 inches in width.

This product provides medium adhesion and performs well under a wide temperature range. In fact, you can still rely on it to be useful even in 40 – 130 degrees of interior and exterior use.

Because of this, it also follows that there is no problem storing the GripBlue Multi-Use Blue Painter’s Tape.

It is proven and tested to withstand 14+ days of clean and easy removal. Trust that peeling off this product leaves you with zero residues.

It also comes with crepe paper backing which allows it for molding more easily, stretches, bend and flex.

This crepe paper backing is also designed as it is to prevent paint bleed, forming a tight seal and coming off quickly after use. But do not worry as it can be removed cleanly without leaving any kind of damage.


  • Designed with a flexible crepe paper backing which also allows the product to mold more easily.
  • This product forms a tight seal.
  • Can be used in any weather condition without cracking, sticking, or baking.
  • Not Durable.
  • Not applicable to all surfaces.

Our Rating

6. X-Fasten Professional Blue 2-Inch Painter’s Tape

XFasten Professional Aluminum Foil Tape, 3.6 mil, 2"x55Yds (3-Pack)
Loved for its strong adhesion, this product can last up to 60 days, making it one of the most stable and long-lasting products.

It can be used on sensitive surfaces like wood trim, textured walls, smooth surfaces, porcelain, metal, glossy car surface, and glass. It removes cleanly without leaving any residue.

One unique feature of this product is its anti-bleeding properties. This feature makes it capable of delivering sharp lines and narrow edges.

Hence it is very ideal for works and projects which require a harp and seamless paint designs.

More importantly, you do not have to worry about using this product outdoors. Apart from the fact that it can stay up to 60 days, it can also be exposed to direct sunlight.

This tape is proven to be susceptible to other harsh conditions like continuously changing weather, humidity, and moisture,  

Do you also know that this product can be used as a substitute for expensive artist's tape as it is mild on art papers and even canvasses?

Some users have also used this product to secure their windshield wipers while they go through the car wash.


  • This product can last up to 60 long days.
  • It also provides a stable and medium adhesive.
  • Mild and friendly on delicate surfaces


  • Hard to remove from surface.

Our Rating

7. CraftsOpoly Colored Masking Painter Packing Tape

60 Yards of 1 inch X 12 Rolls of Colored Masking Tape for Kids Arts Crafts, Packing, Painters Tape Fun DIY Teachers Art Supplies, Office and Decorating. Toddlers, Kids Year Old by CraftsOpoly
One of the first things you will notice on the CraftsOpoly Colored Masking Painter Packing Tape is its different and fancy colors.

Because of this, apart from being a painter tape, it can also be used for family crafts.

It is also easy to peel off the CraftsOpoly Colored Masking Painter Packing Tape, leaving your surface with zero residues.

This product blends in perfectly with paper, cardboard, and crafting supplies of all types.

Furthermore, because of its diverse colors, it blends perfectly with any background as it comes in black, brown, lime, and many other colors. It is also easy to write on and be used as labels.


  • Comes in many colors and can be used on craft-making.
  • Can be used for writing and labeling.
  • Easy to peel off, leaving a surface without residue.


  • User have commented that it is lightly less adhesive than other painting products.
  • This product may also need to be peeled sooner than two weeks.

Our Rating

In choosing one, the key to knowing your priority – whether resilience to harsh weather conditions, long-lasting stick, or even design.