Best Paint Sprayers for Furniture

Do your furniture at home need some touch-up? Luckily for you, there are tools now to help you with this project without breaking the bank. No professional needed, just tools and skills, and this guide.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about spray painting on furniture. We will also give you tips on which sprayers work best for this type of project.

There are many kinds of sprayer available in the market. Whether you are retouching cabinets, furniture, tables, etc., there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Top Rated Paint Sprayer for Furniture

1. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max Corded Hvlp Paint Sprayer, 120 Vac, 5 A, 510 W, 80 Cfm, 2.7 Psi, Multicolor

On top of our list is one of the frontrunners of Wagner, a well-known brand for manufacturing and distributing paint sprayers.

Key Features

Air Pressure Control

One of the benefits of using Wagner 0518080 is that its pressure control can be adjusted to meet with your needs. This machine’s pressure ranges from 1.50 psi to 2.63 psi.

In getting started, you can begin with low pressure. With little force, a smaller amount of paint comes out.

Then, you can slowly increase the weight when you are already comfortable and if you are needing more paint. Estimate the area to be covered so you can avoid over spaying.

It is recommended for you to use a lower pressure if you are working with a small space. Increase to higher levels when working with vast areas.

Two-stage turbine

Another feature of this machine is that it has a two-stage turbine that makes it a suitable choice for furniture painting and staining projects.

Something worthy to note is that this machine is equipped with a powerful 570W two-stage high volume low pressure (HVLP) turbine. This makes it possible for the device to spray on liquids with varying viscosity.

This means that it can function with both the thin and thick materials getting the paint stuck in the sprayer. 


One of the considerations you must take into account in finding suitable paint sprayer for furniture is its ability to work with different materials. The Wagner 0518080 Control Spray is very much capable of handling thick material such as latex, as well as lacquers and stains.

Note that this consideration is critical because unlike other areas, painting furniture and wood usually requires the use of ordinarily thick materials.

If your machine could not handle these materials, then it may not be the ideal tool for covering furniture.

Adjustable Spray Pattern

This machine caters to your needs by being able to give you more options in terms of spraying patterns.

How important is this feature? Adjusting the spray patterns more or less guarantee you of not having too much overspray on the surface.

You can adjust the pattern by merely aligning the nozzle and the air cap in different ways:

  • High and oval profile - set air cap horizontally
  • Broad and oval design - set air cap vertically
  • Symmetric circular pattern – placed the air cap diagonally
Lightweight and Portable

With 18.5 x 12 x 12 inches dimension and 11.2 lbs in weight, this machine is lightweight and portable. Hence you can carry it around to cover more areas.

The Wagner 0518080 Control Spray is on top 1 because of its many useful features. The most noticeable, however, is its capability to handle varying materials. This is important because usually, paint used to cover furniture are thick in nature. With this machine, you will not worry about clogging.


  • Powered by a two-stage turbine
  • Versatile (can take thick materials)
  • Can be adjusted to three different spray patterns
  • Portable, easy to bring and transfer anywhere


  • Can be noisy compared to other models
  • The cord can be improved/made longer

Our Rating

2. Homeright C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer

HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 Power Painter, Home Sprayer Tool Painting, HVLP Spray Gun Projects

Next on the list is one from Homeright – the C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer. Best for painting small projects like furniture, crafts, cabinets, this machine is extremely friendly to beginners. 

Key Features

Adjustable spray patterns

By avoiding overspray and wasting paint, the Homeright C800766 is designed with versatile tools like the adjustable spray patterns.

This machine can be adjusted to horizontal, vertical, and circular, which allows you to achieve the perfect and even finish.

To add, its 2.0 mm spray tip is made of brass (unlike other sprayers which are made of plastic tips) which is durable and reliable. This means the tip could last for a more extended period.


As mentioned earlier, one of the challenges In looking for a good sprayer for furniture is its capability to withhold thick materials. Furniture, words, and cabinets usually use thick and viscous materials which may be not ideal for all sprayers as it may cause clogging.

The Homeright C800766 is excellent when you are using chalk-type paints, cabinet paints, furniture paints, stain, poly, and latex.

Furthermore, it can also spray a wide variety of paints and stains. Hence, you will not be limited to color choices like you would be when using a spray can.

Trigger Control Knob

With the Homeright C800766, there is no need to worry about wasting paints and ending up with an uneven finish. This sprayer is designed with a trigger control knob that allows each user to change spray pattern from 1” to 6” wide.

This control knob is easily adjustable, so you don’t have to be a professional to be able to use and adjust it.

Finish the earliest possible time with a reliable horsepower. This machine can run up to 400 watts of power. 

With the Homeright C800766, you will never go back to user brushers and rollers again. You won't even need a professional to be able to finish your project. With this friendly tool, painting your appliances and furniture is very easy.


  • All-in-one tool kit
  • Straightforward usage, very friendly for beginners.
  • Designed with adjustable spray patterns.
  • Designed with trigger control which allows you to change spray pressure/power.
  • It is lightweight, small, and portable.


  • The parts are mostly made of plastic.
  • Not very ideal to use with clear coats such as lacquer work or varnishes.
  • Generally, cleaning the machine is easy, but the nozzle can be tricky to scrub.

Our Rating

3. Graco Paint Sprayer 17M359

Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359

Now if you are doing substantial retouch projects, this next machine is a game changer. The Graco Paint Sprayer 17M3 is ideal for 4-8 quart furniture paint projects.

With this machine, you don't need to refill your bucket over and over. Use this machine, and you are good to go.

Key Features

FlexiLiner paint bag system

One of the leading features of Graco Paint Sprayer 17M359 is the flex liner paint bag system. This allows each user to spray in all directions, regardless of the position the unit is held.

Because of this feature, the paint job becomes much more comfortable. Imagine being able to spray upside down or on its side.

With the FlexiLiner paint bag system, you never need to reposition to reach a particular spot. Moreover, this feature also allows a quick spray and clean up.

Dual Air Pressure

Another distinct feature offered by the Graco Paint Sprayer 17M359 is that this tool is made with two pressure speeds.

This feature allows providing the ultimate user control, meaning it can adjust rates to low and high. This alone gives each user the power to control the spray intensity.

Because of this feature, you can also minimize overspray and wasting materials. Moreover, this gives you the option to spray on both thin and thicker materials.

Of course, if you are painting on an adhesive material such as wood planks, more speed is going to be needed to use in order to paint better. On the other hand, you can lower the rate if you are using thinner paint.

RAC X FFLP Spray Tips

One of the distinct features of all Graco machines are the tips. The RAC X FFLP Spray Tips deliver an unbeatable speed which produces a flawless finish and are the most advanced in the industry.

This feature is prevalent among users who are both beginners and desire a paint job of perfection.


With the Graco Paint Sprayer 17M359, there is no need to worry about batteries. This is a strictly corded handheld sprayer. This also means you don’t have to spend a lot on the replacement of batteries.

Ideal both for beginners and professionals, the Graco Paint Sprayer 17M359 is the master of versatility. From the pressure control to the painting position, this machine needs no advanced skills to deliver.


  • Designed with Pro Control II Pressure Control.
  • Gives out exceptional finishing touches.
  • No thinning required.
  • Cheap and affordable compared to other models with the same features.


  • Short power cord (can be extended to be more flexible).
  • The spray can become messy due to its powerful sprayer.

Our Rating

4. Tacklife HVLP Paint Sprayer 

Paint Sprayer, HVLP 8.5Amp Paint Gun 1100ml/Min, 3 Patterns, 3 Copper Nozzle Sizes and 2 X 1200ml Detachable Containers with Spray Width Lever, Adjustable Valve Knob, Retractable Handle

Next on the list of best paint sprayers for furniture is one from Tacklife. This one might be the best for users with a limited budget but are still aiming for sound output. 

Key Features

Adjustable spray patterns

For more comfortable use and versatility, the TrackLife HVLP Paint Sprayer is also designed with adjustable spray patterns.

Specifically, there are three spray patterns, such as the following: circular, vertical, and horizontal.

To add to the adjustable spraying patterns, the size of the copper nozzle also ranges in three options. Hence you can select one of these methods to dispense your paint.

Adjustable Valve Knobs

The adjustable valve knobs allow each user to change the pressure of the paint and flow rate according to your needs and demands. This versatility suits anyone who usually has many different painting projects all at once.

Because you can change its pressure, no matter what surface you cover, this machine can support you spray paint evenly.

Long power cord

One of the chief complaints of users regarding their paint sprayers is the short power cord. This disallows them to move around the house or area, and they have to unplug and plug over and over to the power.

Luckily, this is not an issue with the Tacklife HVLP Paint Sprayer. This machine can cover long distances and can also be used outdoors.

Energy Star

Apart from being affordable in terms of price, with the Tacklife HVLP Paint Sprayer you can also be thrifty and energy saving. Due to its Energy Star Rating, this paint sprayer is considered as one on top of the list.

Therefore, by using this machine, you are also effectively saving money by cutting down your utility bill significantly.

If you are a beginner and do not want to break the bank is looking for a spray partner, the Tacklife HVLP Paint Sprayer may be your best option. This machine has the features of leading brands and models, but is affordable and can be used as quickly as possible. 


  • Comes with a large paint container, saving you from refilling over and over.
  • Suitable for large painting jobs.
  • Cheap and affordable while delivering advanced quality.


  • Heavy and bulky, may be portable and easily transferrable.
  • Some users have complained about inconsistent spray patterns.
  • May be difficult to clean up and maintain.

Our Rating

5. Wagner 0529033 Home Décor Furniture Paint Gun

Wagner 0529033 Home Decor Sprayer by Wagner

Last but not the least on our top five best paint sprayers for furniture is this one from Wagner. 

Key Features

Portable and lightweight

Perfect sprayer for furniture, this lightweight sprayer. Weight just around five pounds and with dimensions of 12 x 10 x 10 inches, this machine is extremely light and portable. Anyone can use it and bring it around to cover more areas.


Another feature to note for the Wagner 0529033 Home Décor Furniture Paint Gun is its versatility. It can be used for different materials such as decorative paints, like chalk and milk.

Hence you won’t have to worry about clogging if you are going to use thick paints.

Moreover, it is useful even on as well as stains, sealers, and lacquers.

Powerful motor

One of the main benefits of the Wagner 0529033 Home Décor Furniture Paint Gun is that it is powered by 450 watts.

The advantages are it can be used to finish jobs the shortest time possible (because it could give out intense pressure and release a lot of paint), and has an extensive range, too.

However, the downside of the fact that this machine is mighty is that it can be harder to get an accurate spray.

Hence it is very possible that there will be some overspray. This may not be a problem if you are painting outside. However, if painting indoors, you may have to be extra careful.

If you are a beginner and it intimated by huge paint sprayers, try using the Wagner 0529033 Home Décor Furniture Paint Gun. It is suitable for DIY enthusiasts and users with no experience in using a paint sprayer.

However, you should be careful as its powerful motor may also be the cause of too much overspray. 


  • Equipped with a powerful motor
  • Comes with a large hose


  • Some customers complained that is may result in a lot of oversprays.
  • Maybe difficult to clean

Our Rating

Wrap Up

Finding the right paint sprayer can be a hassle with so many options out there. When it comes to furniture you need to find a very specific one. Hopefully, with this guide of the best paint sprayers for furniture you will find it much easier to come close to a decision.

It is important to be knowledgeable of the budget that you are with to know in which price range to look for.

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