Best Paint Sprayers For Cabinets

When working on a project that you really care about, it feels essential to complete it the right way. Looking for the best ways of doing it can sometimes be stressful enough that you may not know which route to take.

When painting objects that you own in your home can be a daunting task if you take the longest route. That is why it's crucial that you are well aware of all the options out there for you, and which ones are the most effective.

Painting kitchen cabinets is one of the most well-known tasks that individuals engage on; usually when looking to fix an aging one or just bought a used one.

Paint sprayers are well known for being very useful in terms of quality of work and time-saving. That is why if you can afford one, it is always a good idea to buy one for yourself.

With so many options out there, it can be tough to find that right spray gun that suits your need. There are different kinds of paint sprayers that serve different purposes and have their unique use.

You can come close to buying the wrong one that may not even be capable of suiting your needs or simply spend too much money on one that brings lots of features you may not ever use.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the best paint sprayer for cabinets and show you which types you should consider and review the different options that suit your needs.

Why use a paint sprayer on kitchen cabinets

Now you may be asking why you need to buy a spray gun to paint cabinets. This is an excellent question to ask, and the answer may depend on what exactly your needs are.

There, of course, other ways you can go about painting your kitchen cabinets, like using a paintbrush or a roller. These tools are fundamental and straightforward to use.

Due to its sizes, paint roller allows you to cover large and vast areas in a quick amount of time. Paint brushes will enable you to cover areas that are hard to get into with a roller or any other tool.

You can even use both brushes and roller to complete the job if needed. The problem is, these tools will consume a lot of your time and also make it really hard to make your cabinets look fresh.

artist using sprayer gun

Paint sprayers are an all in one tool that will allow you to complete all of these tasks more effectively.

Spray guns will make your kitchen cabinets look like brand new as it uses paint efficiently and avoid leaving any paintbrush bristles that can ruin them.

They are also capable of covering vast areas in a quick amount of time while allowing you to cover those small difficult spots that are hard to get into. Another critical factor if the ability to save a significant amount of paint due to its efficiency.

Given that paint sprayers are capable of doing so much for your kitchen cabinets, it is a no brainer to go for one if you can afford it.

However, it is essential to highlight the fact that there are many types of paint sprayer and they come in different sizes. Also, many competing brands manufacture this product. All this can make it hard for you to decide on which one to go for.

On our list below you will get to know our selection of the top spray guns for cabinets that you need to know about and hopefully help you decide on which one to go for. 

Top Rated Paint Sprayers for Cabinets

1. HomeRight C800971

HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max Extra Power Painter, Home Sprayer HVLP Spray Gun for Painting Projects, Blue

The HomerRight C800971 is the top choice on our list and for excellent reasons. This spray gun is perfect for your kitchen cabinets because it is designed for this type of projects. Not only is it suitable for cabinets but for many other household items such as fences, furniture, decks, etc.

This paint sprayer is excellent for beginners as it comes with secure setup options that allow you to adjust for multiple spray settings.

While being a powerful sprayer, it is relatively lightweight and easy to handle. One of the key features is that it comes with 3 interchangeable spray tips that allow you to paint over different materials.

It is powerful enough to handle thicker paints as it comes with 450 watts of power which also helps you avoid thinning.

When it comes to capacity, the HomeRight C800971 39 fluid ounce container that allows you to work on large household projects without having to refill as often.

Also, it comes with two different types of air caps that allow you to customize the paint flow and allow you to use different spray patterns (broad or fine).

If ever worried about how to go about cleaning this paint sprayer comes with a cup vent and pickup tube that let you clean it up quick and easy.

It is recommended to use spray oil or water-based paints on this paint sprayer such as latex paints, polyurethane, and others.

Many other features come with this spray gun from HomeRight that make your experience working with household items as smooth as you can think of.


  • Value for the Money
  • Easy to use
  • Allows for different spray patterns
  • Covers different materials


  • Can sometimes overspray

Our Rating

2. Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0518050 is another excellent option from our list. This paint sprayer comes with HVLP technology giving you optimal control with its 3 spray pattern and control trigger.

What makes this sprayer great is the way it allows you to complete the finishing touches making it look professional.

Its two-stage indoor/outdoor rated air turbine helps you give a beautiful finish on any surface. 

Not only is it great for cabinets, but for many other outdoor/indoor household items. Its three-spray pattern allows you to turn the air cap to spray horizontal, vertical, or round.

This makes it easy to adjust your sprayer for different kinds of shape objects.

It also comes with two material cups which means it can handle any large-scale household project you might wish to work on.

The fact that this product by Wagner comes with HVLP technology lets you spray thin materials such as stains and varnishes.

You can easily control material flow due to its variable trigger allowing any individual to spray from ½ inch wide to 10-inch-wide patterns.

Great for beginners, this paint sprayer falls in the "easy-to-use" line from the Wagner brand. Not only is it easy to use but the user can finish painting any small object in a matter of minutes.

Even though you can use this paint sprayer for big projects, we recommend using it for small to medium size tasks. This is because it is not as powerful as other more well-known sprayers out there that would make your job much easier for big tasks.


  • Great Value
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Professional looking finishes on any surfaces


  • The sensitive motor that can get damaged quickly

Our Rating

3. Wagner Spraytech 0518080

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max Corded Hvlp Paint Sprayer, 120 Vac, 5 A, 510 W, 80 Cfm, 2.7 Psi Multicolor

Another great option for cabinets is Wagner Spraytech 0518080. This HVLP paint sprayer provides excellent finish on many surfaces at a much faster pace than a brush.

Designed for taking on smaller projects, this sprayer works great for painting or staining cabinets, decks, and furniture. It comes with a two-stage turbine making it easy work on surfaces with latex paints or polyutherane.

This spray gun also comes with a three-spray pattern that lets you turn the air cap to horizontal, vertical, or round.

Its pressure control dial and material flow adjuster lets the user customize the paint flow to achieve a smooth finish on different items.

This spray gun is lightweight and designed to let the user easily carry on and target any desired area making it perfect for beginners.

Easy to set up, this tool brings a viscosity cup allowing you to measure the density of the material is using. This feature is excellent as it guides to adjust the spray pattern.

When it comes to achieving a beautiful finish, this tool comes with two air filters to prevent dust from ruining any painting task.

Also, it comes with a 20-foot hose that makes it easy to keep the Wagner Spraytech 0518080 in a good position.

This paint sprayer is definitely a strong contender on our list due to its ability to do so many things well while keeping it simple.

Easy to assemble and customize, it is an excellent choice from someone looking to tackle projects fast and efficient. Works well on many different surfaces and objects.

Considering that this spray gun comes at an affordable price, we recommend for those looking to take on a variety of small projects and looking get impressive results.


  • Good for small projects
  • Great design allows the user to experience stability
  • Smooth finishes


  • Paint thinner needed beforehand

Our Rating

4. Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M363

Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M363

This product from Graco is a great option for small projects which is why we placed it on our list. This is the only airless paint sprayer we selected. The reason being that HVLP paint sprayers are better suited for cabinets.

However, this paint sprayer is so good that you have to give it strong consideration.

The benefits of buying this product from Graco is that it is easy to use in any position due to its airless feature while allowing you to control its paint flows preventing overspray.

Called an “ultra airless handheld sprayer," this product is specially designed for small interior and specialty projects. 

This is a portable paint sprayer that gives you professional finishes and capable of spraying areas within seconds.

It comes with the FlexLiner bag systems that allow the user to spray from any angle (even upside down!).

The Graco 17M363 also comes with a powerful DeWalt XR 20V lithium-ion system capable of spraying up to 1 Gal. per charge.

This is great as you can carry this product around for long periods of times, allowing you to finish small projects without having to recharge.

Professional painters tend to use this product when working on small to medium size project due to its simplicity and strong feature capabilities.

It is also effortless to maintain, as straightforward steps need to be taken to clean up this tool without any hassle.

One thing to consider is the fact that this paint sprayer can be costly. However, it usually comes with a lifetime guarantee and given that it comes with some of the best powerful features for any paint sprayer, it is worth considering if looking for a long term investment that pays off big time.


  • Capable of taking on big tasks with ease
  • Excellent finish on surfaces for an airless paint sprayer
  • Can be used from any angle


  • Expensive

Our Rating

5. REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer

REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer, 500 Watt High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun, 3 Nozzle Sizes, Lightweight, Easy Spraying and Cleaning, Perfect for Beginner

Number 5 on our list is the RexBeTi Ultimate 750. One of the best spray guns out there for small projects and great value.

Like some of the other options on our list, this paint sprayer also comes with HVLP technology which means it allows minimal overspray.

Its 3 spray pattern allows to control the paint flow and give you the flexibility of working on different shaped items. A vital element of this tool is that its HVLP technology brings a feature that produces roller-like finishes on different surfaces.

It is designed with a beautiful finish 1.88 mm brass nozzle which sprays on thin materials such as stains, varnishes, and lacquers.

In addition, since it is made of brass, it is guaranteed to last longer than the usual nozzle.

The RexBeTi 750 is designed to be powerful while lightweight. This makes it easy to handle and carry it around with ease. 

Spraying at a speed of 750ml/minute, this tool sprays at a much faster pace than most of the competing products of its size and category.

Hence, it is also suitable for interior walls, edges, corners and as well as extensive interior surfaces.

You only have to squeeze the trigger without exerting more effort. Some sprays have hard triggers, which makes control a little harder. You are now ready to spray furniture, cabinets, crafts, dressers or anything you want.


  • Affordable
  • Great for beginners
  • Ergonomic design and soft handles make the job easier


  • Lacks in features compared to its competitors

Our Rating

Tips for using your paint sprayer on cabinets

Getting the right paint sprayer that suits your need brings you a lot closer to what you are hoping to achieve, but it is not enough. It is essential to know what steps to take after having the right tool to ensure you complete any project successfully.

Cabinets can be tricky in the sense that you need to know how to go about painting it without ruining it. Getting the smooth finishes you were hoping for takes some necessary skills and knowledge to apply correctly. 

Starting off with a paint sprayer will get you off to a strong start. It is essential to be extra careful with the small areas that are hard to reach and even more when giving the final touches.

When you get your hands on your new spray gun, it is recommended that you take some time to get used to the machine and also do some testing.

Starting off with some water testing is a good idea just to get used to the different levels of pressures so you know which one you should be using for your cabinet.

Also, you can play around by trying to spray from awkward angles so you can get feel comfortable tackling unique positions that your cabinet may require you to use to reach certain areas.

Wrap Up

It can be challenging to find the best paint sprayer for cabinets with so many options out there. Hopefully, this extensive guide has taken you in the right direction and help you make a decision much faster.

There are dozens of good options out there, but it is much more important to do your due diligence, so you make the right decision on your first buy.

Before deciding on a paint sprayer not only think about the project that you want to work on in the immediate future but also what another thing, you may need to use it for in the future.

Most paint sprayers are specially designed for multiple tasks, and it is up to you to decide which ones do you see yourself taking on in the long run.