5 Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

On a mission to clean up your messy walls at home? Or you are probably renovating an entire house and redecorating all areas.

Whether you are working a big or a small project, there is a way for you to perfect your painting task. With the use of do-it-yourself tools which are easy to use, you will no longer need the service of professional painters.

What tools will you be needing? Apart from, of course, the paint itself, you will also need to use an applicator. Now you have the heart of rolling pins and brushes.

However, for those who have been doing home painting projects at home for a while now, they know these applicators are not enough. Here comes an in-depth guide to help you find the best airless paint sprayers.  

How does an air sprayer work?

To simplify, air sprayers make use of atomization. In this technique, the air gun pushes the compressed air into the liquid paint to break it up into tiny droplets. 

This tool has a nozzle, paint basin, and an air compressor. So eventually, when the trigger is pressed, the paint mixes with the compressed air stream and is released in a fine spray.

How does an airless sprayer work?

Basically, an airless sprayer has a pump that forces paint up a hose and out of a spray gun through a tiny tip.

Airless guns are connected to a high-pressure pump to atomize the coating and through using different tip sizes to achieve the desired atomization and spray pattern size.

Usually, these pumps are commonly found using 300 to 7,500 pounds per square inch (2,100–51,700 kPa) pressure. 

The nozzle that is found at the end of the spray gun then creates a fan pattern of paint.  The size of the top, as well as the pressure level, then dictates the rate of paint flow

This airless technique is usually used by contract painters to paint heavy duty industrial, chemical and marine coatings and linings.

Top Rated Airless Paint Sprayers

Now with everything you know about airless paint sprayers, are you quick to look at and compare the five best machines?

1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Top 1 in our list is one of the frontrunners of Graco, a well-known manufacturer of paint sprayers.

Perfect for covering vast areas and finishing projects because this machine is equipped with a metal SG2 gun. This gun has a durable full trigger and can work with tips up to 0.015.

If combined with a 515 RAC IV tip, you will be able to pump out at most 0.27 gallons of material per minute.

Moreover, this machine is designed with a flexible intake tube that lets you work with 1 and 5-gallon containers. Because of this, you don’t have to refill over and over.

How does the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 work?

The paint sprayer is connected to the central unit through its 25 feet of DuraFlex hose. An alternative option is using a 75 feet hose so you can be more flexible in moving around the house or the area.

The machine also has a 1/2 horsepower motor which can put out 3000 PSI of pressure. This enables each user to cover more areas in no time. 

Another good thing about this model is the ease of setup. You do not need to be a pro to start using this machine.

Also, just like other Graco models, this machine comes with a quick instructional manual in the form of DVD and full user manual.

Main features

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer
Adjustable pressure control

This machine is designed with a knob that is located just next to the flexible intake tube. This knob allows each user to adjust the pressure control by which paint is released.

You can set the pressure from "low spray" to "high spray." The Graco Magnum X5 can go as strong as 3000 PSI. Indeed, this feature allows each user to have the best finish.

Portable and lightweight

Unlike large, big machines, the Graco Magnum X5 is so compact that is does not take up a lot of room and weight.

Moreover, to make it easier to transfer and transport, it also comes with a stand that keeps this unit in place, and a handle for more comfortable transport.

SG2 Spray Gun & Reversible Tip

The combination of SG2 gun and the reversible tip is ideal for medium thickness coatings. It also gives a pattern size of 10-12 inches in width.

If the tip is clogged, all you have to do is turn it around and blow it out. There is even a filter in the handle of this paint gun that catches more solid particles to allow you to have an even better finish.

Stainless Steel Pump

This machine is also equipped with a stainless steel piston which means useful lifespan and reliable performance are ensured.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

There is no need to fret if your concern is after-use care and maintenance. The Graco Magnum X5 has aFlush Power adapter that attaches easily to your garden hose and speeds up cleaning.

Now, cleaning can take as short as a few minutes only.

Simplified Priming

Another advanced feature of Graco Magnum X5 is the PushPrimer feature. This makes a quick and straightforward priming possible while at the same time, reducing the number of steps that need to be taken.

Finish your project the soonest possible time without hassle, use the Graco Magnum X5. There might be considerations when it comes to materials to choose (as it may clog on the thicker ones), but for its price and build, you still end up a winner.


  • Versatile
  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has 25 feet hose, allowing each user to reach more areas
  • Simplified priming


  • Clogs from thicker materials
  • Maybe better for outdoor use

2. Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 - Best Handheld

Wagner Spraytech 0529021 Paint Sprayer, Flexio 890

Second on our list is the Flexio 890 HVLP from another reputable brand, Wagner. A consumer-grade sprayer, it is considered 50% more powerful than other sprayers in its category.

This is the best handheld airless pain gun out there for you.

Main features

X-Boost Power Dial 

An original idea and patented by Wagner, the X-Boost Power Dial allows the adjustment of the air pressure produced by the motor.

It also means that your sprayer is three times more powerful compared to the traditional ones.

Two spray nozzles

This machine comes with two spray nozzles. Both nozzles have no wearable parts which mean both will last longer.

This machine has two different nozzles which you can quickly adjust to cater to your varying needs.

By simply rotating this machine’s nozzle, you can change the pattern and width of the arc, effectively changing the spray of the paint. 

The iSpray nozzle should be used to cover broad surfaced with most unthinned paints.

On the other hand, the Detail Finish nozzle should be used on your exceptional finishing projects. Also, the Detail Finish will be perfect in covering furniture, cabinets or trim.


This machine comes with an integrated storage unit. This serves as a space to be used when you are not using the sprayer.

Because of its owns storage, it is more comfortable and more convenient to transport this machine to any location.

Adjustable spray pattern

This product is designed with a rotating cap which can easily be adjusted in terms of patterns (chose between horizontal or vertical), and width (make it narrow or full).

You can change either of these controls with a simple turn or switch. This feature allows seamless application. This also means you can maximize its use and efficiency to accomplish any type of work.

Adjustable pressure flow

To aid you to have the best and most efficient painting job, the Wagner 890 can easily be adjustable in terms of pressure flow or control.

If you are doing a larger project, you will need to set the high material flow. On the other hand, when spraying smaller surface areas such as lattice, make you are using low material flow settings.

Other features

  • Can spray an 8-foot x 10-foot wall in just 5 minutes when using unthinned paints
  • Capable of covering up to 8.4-gallons of materials per hour

Overall, the Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer is the tool to use for efficiency and versatility. This machine gives you the extra power because of its X-Boost technology.

Not only that, but this machine is also adaptable to each user’s varying needs. eIt adjusts to your needs as its nozzle, patterns, and material flow are all flexible. In a way, you control the outcome of your project.


  • Adjustable spray pattern.
  • Functional for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Two adjustable nozzles to cater to different needs.
  • Adjustable pressure flow or control.


  • More expensive compared to competitor brands.
  • Comes with a short power chord.

Our Rating

3. Homeright C800766 Finish Max - Best For the Money

HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 Power Painter, Home Sprayer Tool Painting, HVLP Spray Gun Projects

With the use of modern technology, anything can be possible now. Whether you have a mini painting project or a big one, HomeRight Finish Max can help you. This machine is a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) mode.

In our estimation this paint sprayer is the best for the money.

Main features

400W motor

It's motor, which is located on the upper part of the casing, has 400W and is comparable to a vacuum cleaning motor. It removes the air and blows the material on any surface.

Adjustable Nozzle

While most paint sprayers make use of plastic for their nozzles (to minimize cost), the inside parts of the nose of the HomeRight Finish Max are made of brass. This is to ensure durability and less wear and tear.

With the nozzle rotation, you can easily control the spray pattern. For spraying vertically, rotating it will give you a V-pattern. If you're going to spray horizontally, simply move the nozzle into a horizontal position.

There is also around pattern available with the nozzle rotation. Rotate the nozzle for 45 degrees, and you'll activate the round design.

Flow Control Knob

One of the most unique features of this product is the flow control knob. It is located on the trigger, and it regulates the flow of the air.

The further you pull the trigger, the more power you put into the motor, which means the more material it will push out.

The highlight of the features of HomeRight Finish Max is the cost-efficiency. You can also be sure that the whole machine is durable and built with high-quality parts. For example, the brand invested in a brass nozzle instead of plastic.

Apart from its value for money, this machine is also easy to maintain. Proper storage and keeping guarantees the life of this asset.


  • Easy to use
  • Designed with a rotating nozzle with three available patterns.
  • Package contains additional accessories such as the nozzle-blower and the viscosity cup.
  • Maintenance is easy.


  • Can be noisy compared to other machines/models.
  • May not be used with latex paint which can be prone to clogging.

Our Rating

4. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 - Best For Professional Use

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

The mix of quality/efficiency and cost – with this machine, you don't need to settle for less even with a limited budget. With Graco Magnum X7 you won’t need to break the bank to achieve a seamless project.

Consider this the best professional  airless paint sprayer out there for you.

Main features

Adjustable Pressure Control

The Graco Magnum X7 has a 5/8 HP motor. Because of this, this machine can withstand intense pressure. In fact, it can put out around 3000PSI  through a flexible latch and a 50-foot hose.

This way you can tailor it to your needs and get the best finish. If you need a more significant reach, the Graco Magnum X7 can extend up to a 100-foot hose.

Power Flush Adapter

The Graco Magnum X7 comes with an adapter that can connect to a regular garden hose. With this, you effectively cut down on cleaning time.


Unlike other machines which are limited in terms of materials to use, the Magnum X7 can handle light to heavy viscosity.

Its only limitations only include hot solvents, solvent-based lacquers, and textured materials. It is equipped with a motor that can handle interior and exterior paint jobs.

This means tasks can include doors, ceilings, walls, trimmings, siding and more.


This machine can carry a max of 5 gallons of paint, saving you from refilling the bucket every now and then.

To add, this machine has a flexible intake tube. vBigger buckets can be put onto the pail hook above the suction tube and carted around wherever you may need it.


This machine is designed with a stainless steel piston pump, making it more durable compared to other models. With this material and design, it is guaranteed to work longer and harder.


The Graco Magnum X7 is also made convenient and easy as it designed with a set of wheels that are built into a rugged frame.

With this feature, you don’t have to lug this paint sprayer around in your hands. With its weight of 23 lbs, the wheels are an excellent addition for those who have back issues.


  • Affordable and lightweight.
  • Designed with wheels for easy to transport.
  • Can be filled in up to 5 gallons paint buckets.


  • May clog with the use of thicker materials.
  • Because of high pressure, overspray may be a problem for beginners.
  • The hose is too short to cover more, more extensive areas.

Our Rating

5. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max Corded Hvlp Paint Sprayer, 120 Vac, 5 A, 510 W, 80 Cfm, 2.7 Psi Multicolor

If you are looking for versatility, surely this paint sprayer from Wagner gives you big points. With its variable flow control, variable air pressure, variable spray patterns, and a flexible air hose, you can finish any painting job according to your preference.

Main features

Two-Stage Turbine / Versatility 

The Wagner Spray Max is equipped with a powerful turbine which means that this machine can manage a variety of materials reaching from thick to thin; from least viscous to the most sticky one.

This is made possible by the powerful 570W two-stage HVLP turbine. This turbine makes sure that you are free to utilize the Wagner Spray Max in any way you want.

Adjustable Spray Patterns

Now you can make sure your needs are met with the Wagner Spray Max. This machine enables you to change spray patterns, allowing you to use it for a  variety of painting tasks.

To change the spray pattern, simply align the air cap and outlet in a variety of ways; Horizontal air cap provides an elliptical design; vertical air cap produces a broad and egg-shaped trim, and diagonal air cap gives a symmetric circular pattern

Variable Air Pressure Control

Adding more to the reasons why it is very versatile, this machine is designed with a variable air pressure control which you can adjust to your liking.

With this feature, you sure can avoid overspray. The pressure it can release ranges from 1.50 psi to 2.63 psi.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

One of the simple yet helpful features of this spray painter is that it does not have a lot of parts, making it so easy to clean.

What you will need are just soap and water, and you are ready to clean up latex materials.

However, if you used oil-based materials, you will have to use mineral spirits and a brush, but this can still be done in no time.

A lot of users have tried out the Wagner 0518080 Control Max HVLP sprayer, and it continues to receive positive feedbacks.

This tool is excellent for the price, and most importantly, it is an excellent tool for a hobbyist or a DIY enthusiast. With its versatility and ease of use, you don’t have to be a professional to get things done.


  • Versatile as it can work with any material.
  • Easy to use, perfect for beginners and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Capable of adjusting spray patters.


  • Short power cord.
  • Can be noisy compared to other models.
  • Can be more expensive compared to other models.

Our Rating

Advantages of using an airless sprayer

The art of spray painting came to the picture because of the changing demands in terms of tools to be used for painting.

The spray guns are invented to cover off large surfaces in no time effortlessly. 

Definitely, it will take one so much effort in covering vast areas only with brushes and rollers. However, apart from these obvious reasons, there are way more advantages in using airless sprayers.

Uniform and consistent application

In covering areas which are not secure and ideal like flat surfaces, airless paint sprayers will definitely be a better option. This includes textured walls, popcorn-effect ceilings, or other uneven effects.

Applying paint through a sprayer will provide a smooth application which we all want.

Using even layers also means that you avoid the casual riding and streaking of rollers and paintbrushes. 

Making uniform application does not only create a beautiful looking surface but will also save you from further additional work which might be the case in using brushes and rollers.

No use of compression

As mentioned above, the difference between a regular paint spray and an airless one is that the ordinary uses compression. This means the compression technique drives the paint through the nozzle.

The airless sprayer, on the other hand, does not use a compressor. Instead, it uses a hose to push the paint outside, rather than applying pressure.

Because of this, overspray is avoided because any user can control the volume and flow of the spray. This minimizes waste of paint.


Usually, paint machines are enormous and heavy. Because of this, it takes so much effort to move them around the house or the yard. These inherent characteristics also make such machines tough to manipulate.

This is another thing that sets airless paint sprayers apart from the regular paint machines – its portability. It can be used easily and can be moved from among the rooms to indoor and outdoor projects.

Moreover, it can also be placed on a cart for secure transfer or moving around. However, despite its size, this machine does not disappoint when it comes to the motor of 1 horsepower.  

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Wrap Up

Finding the best airless paint sprayer can be a hassle with so many options online. However, reading through an article just like this one will make your life much easier.

With a list the highlights the features and advantages of some of the most popular paint guns will show you the key points you need for your needs.

It is important to point out once again that using an airless paint gun is a great option if you are looking for simple jobs that prevent over-spraying and facilitate the ability to transport the tool.

Hopefully this in-depth guide has given you the information you were looking for and make you come to a final decision.